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038I – Writing a Kindle World Mini-Series: An Interview with Linda Carroll-Bradd

Linda Carroll-Bradd writes heartwarming contemporary and historical romances with a touch of humor. She is the author of the Entertainers of the West mini-series within Debra Holland's Montana Sky Kindle World.

Linda talks with us about what it's like to write in someone else's world, and how she created her mini-series within the Montana Sky series as well as how she got involved in other kinds of book series with other authors.

She shares some of the research she has to do in order to make the books come alive and feel real to the reader. She suggests understanding the story world's canon or bible in order to write books that will be successful in that series. Also, look for ways to include real historical events and people in your story.

Look for Linda's books on Amazon, and follow her on her blogFacebook, Goodreads, Twitter, and BookBub. If you're interested in Linda's book editing services, check out her website at Lustre Editing.


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