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041I – A Kindle World First-Timer: An Interview with Kristy Phillips

Kristy Phillips first started writing in Amazon's Kindle Worlds only a few months ago after a conversation with Debra Holland, author and creator of the Montana Sky series. When Debra heard Kristy writes gold rush stories, she asked her to consider writing in her Kindle World. Now Kristy has the first book out in her Copper Creek mini-series.

Kristy talks about the differences in publishing her own books through Kindle Direct Publishing versus having Amazon give her a contract and publish her books in a more traditional manner.

There are pros and cons to not having 100% control of your product, but a big pro is that there are dozens of other writers in the Kindle World that you can cross-promote with! The idea that a rising tide lifts all boats visibly works in marketing the Montana Sky series, so it is probably doing the same in other Kindle Worlds.

One of the other fun parts for Kristy in writing in the Montana Sky series is being able to bring in real people for cameo appearances – like Mark Twain!

She suggests reading and familiarizing yourself with a Kindle World you're interested in before you begin writing. Not just the books by the world's creator, but those of other authors in the world, too. It will help you develop the right feel for the series as you write.

Educate yourself and know what you're getting into, Kristy says, and you'll be able to develop a pros and cons list for you.

Find out more about Kristy and her books at her website, her blog, on her Amazon author page, and visit her The Prima Momma blog for fun peeks into her life.


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