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048E – Commitment First: Choose to be True Despite Challenges

We have a lot of freedom in life, no matter who we are. Arguably, our greatest freedom is choosing who will we be. No matter what circumstances or people put obstacles in our way, we get to choose how we react and what principles will guide us.

Choosing to be committed to those principles is a large part of what can bring peace into every day of our lives. I talk about an interesting challenge I heard – what if I committed to obey God and my guiding principles first, even before I knew what that would cost me?

We've all done it. We choose to commit to our wedding vows without having any idea what that future holds. We agree to obey our bosses, hoping they won't push the boundaries of our principles. So choosing to obey God and/or our principles before knowing what will be asked of us isn't such a huge leap.

But it can make a huge difference.


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