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052T – 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Start Self-Publishing, Part 1

Many people believe that you need to commit to your publishing path before you even fully understand your options. They want you to choose traditional publishing or self-publishing and then learn what is required. I want to help you understand self-publishing so you can think about it and make an informed decision when you're ready.

I've presented this workshop several times, and today I've broken the “10 Things” into two episodes, the second of which will air next Tuesday. The bullet points for today are:

  1. You don't have to commit right now.
  2. You need to organize the information you learn so you can find it all again.
  3. Choose your software, and understand what is best for which stage of self-publishing.
  4. You need to create a House Style Guide.
  5. Create a formatting checklist so you can remember what has to be done in what order for each book.

Listen to the episode for more details, and check back next week for Part 2!


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