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053I – Writing Historicals Set in WWII: An Interview with Sarah Sundin

Author Sarah Sundin just published her tenth historical romance novel set in World War II. Why such a niche period? She's heard so many stories from family members that the period just seemed right for her.

With so many books in the same era, Sarah is known as a WWII author now. It's become her brand. She publishes a blog with “Today in WWII History” facts for every day of the war. She says she keeps getting more story ideas for WWII, and so long as she does she'll keep writing in that historical period.

When giving advice to other authors, Sarah suggests that – unless you have a consuming love for one period – try writing in a variety of time periods and be known as a “historical” author. Time periods come and go in popularity, so having a broader scope can help you be more adaptable to the market.

Sarah teaches classes about writing historical fiction at various writers conferences including Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference and American Christian Fiction Writers. You can follow her at her website and blog, on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Check out her newest book, The Sea Before Us, book one in her new Sunrise at Normandy series.


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