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063E – Delight Leads to Discipline

Have you ever been so crazy tired that nothing appeals to you anymore and you can't remember why you used to love this, or what exactly about that used to delight you?

I kinda feel that way right now. I was telling my friend that I don't know if I even want to be a writer anymore because I'm too tired to see it as anything other than another weight on my shoulders, something that “should” be done.

As I talked over my thoughts on this, I started getting my own little ah-ha moments – and I hope you find yours as you listen!

Other podcast episodes I mention are this one with Graham Cooke talking about a guy who said it's not discipline that makes him the best in his field, it's the fact that he loves to do it! And this one on The Creative Penn Podcast where Joanna Penn interviews Charlie Hoehn about play.


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