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064T – Need a Vacation?

One of the most obvious reasons we start thinking about vacation is the approach of summer – which is the case in the Northern Hemisphere right now. Maybe you have plans to go someplace exciting, or visit family, or stay home and relax.

If you're in the Southern Hemisphere right now, you might have had an exciting, busy summer and now you need a vacation from your vacation! 😀 Or maybe you are happy to be getting a break from being with your adorable but exhausting offspring 24/7.

Maybe you are about to start a new book, or your company is about to do a big push at work. You might be thinking that now is a good time to go fill your creative well, catch up on sleep, and otherwise get ready to work super hard for the next couple of months. Another great reason to take a vacation!

As for me, I just need a break. My life has been a whirlwind for the last few years and I haven't been able to take the time and do what I need to catch my breath and recover. I'm emotionally drained. I though a week or two of watching movies and reading books would bounce me back to my former self, but today I had a new thought.

You know how one of our storytelling techniques is to give the protagonist a goal of what he thinks he needs, but then we help him find what he actually needs? I think we need to apply that to ourselves every now and then.

I thought I needed to just sit quietly and relax and enjoy other story worlds. But I now believe that I really need to renew my emotional and spiritual foundations, spend some time talking to God and reading my Bible to re-find lost joy and missing peace.

What about you? What do you think you need? Now give it some more thought and ask yourself if that's what you really need.


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