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071I – Chick Lit Is Not Dead: An Interview with Kristin Billerbeck

When Kristin Billerbeck, author of The Theory of Happily Ever After, proudly insisted during this interview, “I refuse to back away from the chick lit title” for her genre of books, my heart did a little happy dance! I love chick lit, and I love Kristin's books. 😀

She said that the first time she wrote a chapter of Christian chick lit, her friend and fellow author Colleen Coble told her, “Kristin, this is your voice, you have to do this.” Kristin contends that there is definitely a difference between romantic comedy and chick lit, despite what we may hear publishers do or don't want want to call this type of storytelling. Readers know what they like, and they're happy to keep looking for it under the chick lit name.

What follows in this charming interview is Kristin's experience writing sweet romance versus chick lit, the backlash that followed her first (award-winning!) chick lit book (What a Girl Wants, book one of the Ashley Stockingdale series), and how her own life experiences have influenced her storytelling choices.

Listen and feel refreshed and inspired to get back to your own writing!


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