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076T – Burnout: Getting Through to the Other Side

In this deeply personal episode about my journey into burnout and my quest for a way out, I mention several articles and Bible verses which helped change my perspective and show me a path back to peace.

Among those is this article on Psychology Today, The Telltale Symptoms of Burnout…Do You Have Them? Definitely look it over if you wonder at all if you're beginning to burn out in work or life.

Thankfully, a link from that article lead to this one on “Overcoming Burnout.

Out of curiosity, I clicked on other links about burnout, including this Wikipedia article, Occupational Burnout,” that gives a little background at the beginning into who started studying burnout and what they found.

Because I want to know the spiritual side and what things I might be able to do or consider from a spiritual angle, I Googled “burnout in the Bible” and found this article, What does the Bible say about burnout?

After I wrote a blog post called “Follow the Cheerios” about discovering that I am probably suffering from burnout, and posting it on a writer's blog called A Slice of Orange as well as on my own website, I got a lot of immediate feedback and support. One friend wrote to me and said we need to talk because she'd gone through burnout twice – but now she knew how to overcome it and avoid it. I share Rachel's advice about 30 minutes into this episode.

I hope you find some helpful advice that you can apply in your own life – or help a friend in theirs – by listening to my story, and learning what I've been finding as I've researched burnout.


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