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084E – A Change in Perspective

Sometimes, if we change our perspective, we can see things in our lives and in ourselves more clearly. When things are going great, and the little things are bothering us, a reminder that others have a lot more pain in their lives right now can help us to regain our perspective and gratitude. Conversely, if life is hitting us in big ways, enjoying the small things – a flowering plant, a child's laugh, a quiet moment – can help us to change our perspective, too. And again, help us regain our gratitude.

What's bothering you today? How can you look at it differently?

Try Googling “encouragement for writers.” Some of the things I found include great articles, Pinterest pages with fun images and quotes, and other people's experiences and how they dealt with them. Since what's bothering me is burnout, I Googled “burnout for writers” and found some helpful tips from other writers who have been through it.

Not everything you find will agree with each other, not everything will be helpful to you personally, but you can find ideas to help you with today's challenge or something encouraging or fun to make you smile.

I hope your change in perspective helps you to see something new today!


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