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089I – Keeping a Travel Journal: An Interview with Marcy Weydemuller

Editor and writing teacher Marcy Weydemuller is back to show us how to use travel journaling to create both fiction and nonfiction. She's been blogging about the topic (starting with this post) as well as several other topics in her journaling series.

She's got some great ideas on how to get started and how to keep notes so you can write up your experiences when you get back from your travels. This is great for me – I always feel like there's no time, but now I have some great tools to try out.

Marcy shows us a couple ways we can use what we saw, heard, smelled, and ate to create scenes and characters in our novels. She also goes through the various possibilities for creating nonfiction from our trips. In fact, she even gives us ideas on using travel journaling at home – just by going to a place you've never been in your own town.

There are more possibilities to travel journaling than I realized! 😀 I hope you find some great tips!


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