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098I – Self-Editing with Style: An Interview with Tisha Martin

Today's guest is editor Tisha Martin! Tisha edits for a couple of publishing companies, has private clients, and judges books for Writer's Digest. Today she gives us tips on how to self-edit our books with style.

She starts with characters, asking what we can do with our characters to help move the plot forward. Then she moves into scene building, how action and conflict affect how the reader interprets the scene. And finally we talk about dialogue. How can you show the characters' emotions in a way that moves readers and doesn't leave them bored?

Tisha will be teaching two classes next month at the Breathe Christian Writers Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. One class will be on self-editing for beginners who have finished a manuscript and don't know what to do next, and one will be self-editing for advanced writers, helping them to uncover the psychological snags they can encounter after several books.

Check out Tisha's website and her editing services. She's offering a discount through December 1, 2018!


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