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108I – Human Trafficking in Fiction: An Interview with Lynn H Blackburn

Today's conversation with Lynn H Blackburn is so interesting! Not only do we talk about fun stuff like writing and stories, but we start our conversation with a very serious problem in the world – human trafficking. Her book, In Too Deep, has an element of human trafficking in the plot that makes it both compelling and chilling.

Lynn tells us how better research helped her improve one of the characters in this series. She laughs that using TV shows as the basis for how someone in this or that profession would work is not a good idea! But talking to people who actually work in the field opened up more intriguing aspects to the character as she learned what it would really be like to be this person.

Highly recommended by Lynn (and other writers I know) is the Writers' Police Academy. In fact, this is where she saw a demonstration of the local law enforcement dive team – and that's where she got the idea for this book and series. (In Too Deep is book two, so you may want to start with Beneath the Surface.)

Lynn also talks about the challenges of homeschooling two boys and managing the needs of a developmentally challenged daughter, and then trying to work her writing around all of her family needs. She'd prefer a schedule with huge chunks of time, but the reality is she needs to take her schedule as it comes and make it all work, differently every day. She's got lots of encouragement and suggestions for other writers in similar circumstances.

Learn more about Lynn on her website and find her books at your favorite bookstore or online retailer.


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