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110I – Hallmark Publishing Needs Sweet Stories: An Interview with Stacey Donovan

Editor Stacey Donovan joins us today to tell us about Hallmark Publishing! I've been talking about this new publisher of sweet romances and cozy mysteries for months now.

Stacey talks about pitching the idea to the Hallmark CEO, getting the first books written as novelizations of existing Hallmark movies, and then her own romance novel being the first original novel published by the company.

She tells us what she is looking for, how to submit depending on whether you have an agent or not, and that the best guide to what they're looking for is watching Hallmark movies. These are definitely G-rated stories, not even PG, so keep that in mind. Sweet, uplifting romances and cozy mysteries with a real emphasis on the cozy. Seasonal tie-ins are great for the romances, but aren't necessary for the mysteries.

To find out more about what Hallmark Publishing is looking for, checkout their Write For Us page, and follow Stacey on Twitter.


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