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130E – The Direction You Face Matters: An Encouraging Words Episode

It's the first Sunday of the month, so it's time for another Encouraging Words episode! Today I share about a message I heard at church last week from a guest speaker, Paster Steve Warren of C3 Church Amsterdam.

His message was on vision – having a vision for the year, and for your life. He reiterated something we all know, but don't always think about a lot: The direction you face matters.

The direction of your life matters.

It got me thinking – it's not easy to go in a direction you're not looking. Even when I have horseback riding lessons or motorcycle riding lessons, the instructors always remind you to look in the direction you want to go because what you're riding will go in the direction you're looking.

Pastor Steve also reminded us – life comes out of you and onto/into others. Whether it's smiles or words or actions, it flows out of you onto other people. So keep that in mind this week when you're interacting with those around you. 🙂


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