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A Passion for History: An Interview with Regina Scott


Regina Scott has published over 45 historical novels, winning awards and fans along the way. She loves history, so she finds research fun, not boring at all. Today she tells us about some of the amazing fun – that is, research – she's done in the name of fiction, and helps us see what we can do as well.

Since she writes Regency romances (and explains what that is) as well as Christian historical romances, we talk about her two newest books today. A Distance Too Grand came out in October from Revell, and is an adventure about a photographer traveling with an Army unit so she can photograph the Grand Canyon. The book came out during the 100th anniversary year of this wonder of the world being preserved as a national park.

Because I absolutely love Regency romances, we also talk about her newest, The Matchmaker's Rogue, book one in a new series released just this month.

You can find all of Regina's books wherever books are sold, and you can find Regina at her website, and on Facebook and Pinterest.


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