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Add a Little Murder: An Interview with Patricia Bradley – ENCORE


Interviewing the lovely Patricia Bradley was an exercise in paradoxes. Hearing this sweet Christian woman pronounce in her soft, Southern drawl, “Oh, I love to talk about murder. It's just fun” was just the beginning of my mind bending to look at things differently. 😀 But I should have expected nothing less after I read the tagline for her website: Where love and faith cross paths…with murder.

Patricia writes romantic suspense and says that murdering your characters is a great way to kill off your anxieties. (I think I'm going to try that! 😀 ) What follows is a fun conversation about how she writes – an encouraging look at writing for pantsers!

My biggest takeaway was when I realized that Patricia writes the scenes with the murderer or psychopath's point of view without knowing who the bad guy is – so it's just “he or she” – and later she'll have an ah-ha moment about who that person is in her story. I can't wait to try this!

Patricia has a lot of great stuff on her blog, and she also suggests several other blogs/websites including:

Suspense Sisters: https://suspensesisters.blogspot.com/…

Learn How to Write a Novel: 


Writers Police Academy: http://www.writerspoliceacademy.com/

Alicia Rasley's site: http://www.aliciarasley.com

Harlequin Heartwarming blog: http://heartwarmingauthors.blogspot.com/

The Crime Scene Writer Yahoo Group: 


She also loves to use James Scott Bell's book, Super Structure, as she writes.

You can follow Patricia Bradley on Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter and on her blog: https://ptbradley.com/blog


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