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Advice From a Bookseller: An Interview with Jodie Brandt


Today’s guest is Jodie Brandt, senior bookseller at Brilliant Books, an independent bookstore in Traverse City, Michigan.

Jodie shares some ideas on how to approach Brilliant Books or another bookstore as an author. You can find more information on what Brilliant Books is looking for in authors who would like to do a signing or other event on their Resources for Authors page. Even if you don’t live near this store, it could be helpful information you can apply when contacting an independent bookstore near you.

If you’re interested in tabletop gaming, that’s another interest of Jodie’s and we spend some time talking about how he got involved in writing in that industry.

Jodie is also the host of QuestWise, a YouTube channel where he discusses and reviews tabletop and video games. He mentions an amazing game called The Great American Novel Roleplaying Game that recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign. It sounds like a fun game to check out. You can find Jodie on Facebook under QuestWise.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Brilliant Books has an amazing shipping policy! If you don’t live near a great independent bookstore yourself, Brilliant Books can be YOUR bookstore – they ship anywhere in the United States for FREE! When you add a U.S. shipping address at checkout, a new shipping option will pop up: FREE Shipping – USPS Media Mail: $0.00. Try it out!


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