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Becoming a Story Genius: An Interview with Lisa Cron – ENCORE


Since I’m sick this week, I’m bringing you an encore of one of my favorite episodes of the show, an interview with Lisa Cron, which aired April 12, 2018. I hope it inspires you!

In addition to teaching writing in the UCLA Extension writing program, Lisa Cron is the author of both Wired for Story and Story Genius. She is an energetic and enthusiastic speaker who will reignite your fire and passion for writing!

Lisa says that her first book, Wired for Story, is more of an explanation of how it all works in the audience member’s brain when they are reading or watching a story. Story Genius takes it a step further and explains how to make your stories amazing.

If you’re a neuroscience geek like me, there’s really interesting stuff to get your mind racing along those lines. But if you just want to know, Why do people love the stories they love?, Lisa and her books will help you better understand it.

This interview is so interesting on so many levels! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Learn more about Lisa’s take on story at her CreativeLive workshop!


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