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Blank Page to Final Draft: An Interview with Bryn Donovan


Today's guest is Bryn Donovan, author of paranormal romance as well as books for writers, whose new book just released on Tuesday. Blank Page to Final Draft will take you through the process of writing a book from the very beginning to the point of having a publishable manuscript.

Our discussion is chock full of helpful advice from an editor who is also a writer! Bryn shares with us her thoughts on when to get feedback on your story, how to find beta readers and why they're important, and when to stop writing and rethink your direction. (Tip: writing as fast as you can without thinking isn't always the best strategy.)

Bryn understands that some of her advice will be difficult for people to swallow, especially those who write by the seat of their pants. If you're a pantser, she says, and you like the end result, great! But if you wish your books were better, she encourages you to give some of her advice a try.

You can learn more about Bryn and her books on her website, https://www.bryndonovan.com/. Watch the videos as she created the Blank Page to Final Draft book by teaching it on her YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy1bE-x45k32XjKsXsdIX3g.


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