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Book Specs For Your Self-Published Book


When I self-publish my own books or work with clients to publish theirs, I use my Book Specifications Worksheet to collect all the information needed to create the final ebook and/or print book. In this episode, I go over several areas of the worksheet, letting you know all of the things you'll have to decide before you publish.

If you use Vellum to create your book files, some of the information isn't necessary since Vellum does it automatically. If you use Adobe InDesign or something similar, you'll need to make decisions on most of the areas included. One of the best parts of this worksheet is that you can use the decisions you made on the first book to roll over to future books. Then your readers will get a consistent publishing experience from you – one more way to look like the professional you are.

Download your copy of my Book Specifications Worksheet here.


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