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Bringing Justice to Fiction: An Interview with Lynette Eason


Today's guest is Lynette Eason, author of the new book, Collateral Damage. With over 60 books published, Lynette has a lot of experience in creating new characters, new series, and all kinds of interesting plots.

Lynette shares how she starts a book, how she gets started writing for the day, how she found law enforcement and military experts to ask questions, how she works with her critique partner, and so much more. She suggests you find the people you need to help you early on. Then you can ask these experts a few questions here and there over the course of writing the book rather than asking them all your questions and “please, read my whole book” at the end. 😀

She mentions several great references including the Killer Nashville conference, Writers Police Academy/MurderCon, Crime Scene Writers, and more.

You can find Lynette on her website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and find her books wherever books are sold. Be sure to check out Collateral Damage, book one in her new series, Danger Never Sleeps.


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