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Conflict Doesn’t Have to be Torture: An Interview with Amanda Cabot


Today's guest is Amanda Cabot, bestselling author of the brand new Dreams Rekindled, book two in the Mesquite Springs series.

Amanda has strong feelings about goal, motivation, and conflict (GMC) and choosing the internal and external conflict of her main characters. Don't like to think of all the ways you can make your hero's life worse? Want to give him or her a good life? Amanda has a great way to create compelling conflicts that will make you excited about the terrible things that are going to happen! (Torture is optional.)

Whether you're a plotter or a write-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of writer, Amanda has great tips for everyone. She believes in the power of fiction not just to entertain, but to heal. Inspiring food for thought!

Find out more about Amanda and her books, and get more writing tips, at her website, http://www.amandacabot.com/.


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