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Creativity Breaks: An Encouraging Words Episode


My birthday vacation last week led me to the idea for this month's Encouraging Words episode. Taking some time off, and doing and seeing creative and amazing things I've never seen, I feel like I came back to my life a new person! I not only felt refreshed, but I felt more creative and ready to jump back into my writing.

Whether you're planning your next vacation, or just need a break to reset, here are some of the ideas I talk about this week to take a creativity break:

  • You can do something as short as a walk outside in nice weather
  • Or you can make a lot of plans for a longer break
  • Sometimes having a day that you don't do anything is the best “plan”
  • Museums, movies, or an art lesson could do wonders for your imagination
  • Get together with a friend who makes you laugh and feel good
  • But definitely put a break on your calendar so you DO IT


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