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Dancing with Wisdom: An Interview with Dr Sunil Raheja


Today's guest is Dr Sunil Raheja, author of Dancing with Wisdom: A Sacred Quest to Restore Meaning, Purpose and Fun to Your Life and Work. He's also the host of the Dancing with Wisdom podcast, and a psychiatrist and executive coach.

“For the really important decisions in life, there’s no textbook that’s going to give you the answers,” Dr Sunil tells us. He shares how he got started on his journey to understand how life works, and he gives us many tips about what he's found.

He intersperses in the story of the book the writing of the book as well — what he had to give up to finish it, what his writing coach taught him, and how much more time and work he ended up putting into it than he expected.

To learn more about Dr Sunil's work, and to get the first chapter of Dancing with Wisdom for free, visit his website https://drsunil.com/.

For more information about working with Kitty to finish writing your book, sign up for a free strategy session on her website: https://www.writenowworkshop.com/writingcoach/


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