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Everyday People with Big Hearts: An Interview with Kristan Higgins


Today's guest is the multi-bestselling humorous women's fiction author, Kristan Higgins. Her newest book, Always the Last to Know, releases on June 9, 2020.

Kristan's books tend to be funny and heart-warming, with gut-wrenching difficulties, laugh-out-loud moments, and immensely satisfactory endings. Interviewing her was a very similar experience.

She talks about getting started, how her career progressed, and the strange reader emails she's gotten. We discuss how she creates different characters for every book even though they are mostly everyday people like you and me. It's a conversation much like her books – laughing about life's funny/weird moments, discussing the seriousness of the problems we all face, and mostly feeling like you're now friends by the times it ends.

To learn more about Kristan and her books (and then feel like you know her as a friend), visit her website (https://www.kristanhiggins.com/) where you can also find your favorites social media links. You can preorder Always the Last to Know at your favorite bookstore.


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