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Finding Inspiration: Everyday Places to Find New Ideas


We've finally settled down enough to start watching Game of Thrones (now that it's ending!) and it occurred to me that George R.R. Martin does not have a problem with throwing his characters into conflict. Not even if it kills them!

As for me, I find it very difficult when writing a sweet romance to have an interesting conflict, something that's not too tame but not too far out. So I started writing down where I get inspired to find conflicts that shake up my creativity.

If we look back at Game of Thrones again, we see a lot of betrayal. Well, no matter what kind of book you're writing – even a sweet romance – there is some level of betrayal that can work for your story.

I have more examples from The West Wing, children's fables, children's books, the Bible, and poetry. I hope this episode gives you some great ideas for introducing more conflict into your stories, or finding new ideas in general.


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