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First Things First: An Encouraging Words Episode


In this month's Encouraging Words episode, I talk about how I've been looking at Susan May Warren's Values-Based Planning from episode 276 to decide on my priorities for 2022. After struggling with the idea that I don't want to stop doing things I love and am good at, I finally decided that I needed to let some things go – at least for now – because I'm not doing the work that is most important to me.

As of January 2022, the podcast will be on semi-hiatus, meaning I'll still do the monthly Encouraging Words episodes, and I'll also have guest episodes at irregular intervals. This will free up an enormous amount of time for me to get back to focusing on my first love, writing. 🙂

I hope my candid discussion on how I came to this decision helps you as you think back on the last year or two and ask yourself what worked, what didn't, and how you can plan next year based on the things you find most important in your life.


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