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Food, Language, and Writing 18th Century America: An Interview with Laura Frantz


Our guest today is Laura Frantz, historical romance author of nearly a dozen books of faith, romance, and courage. Her latest book is A Bound Heart, the story of two people sold as indentured servants and expelled from their beloved Scotland, but destined to be together in the Americas.

Laura writes in a log cabin in Kentucky! She and I have a lot of fun talking about food in Colonial America in the beginning of this episode. There is so much to talk about when it comes to what you thought was true and the facts you uncover. If you write or are interested in this period of history, you'll enjoy our fun discussion!

Then we move into Laura's story of her love of history and her interest in her own family history. This new book, in fact, has links to her sixth-great-grandfather, George Hume. Laura has wonderful advice for those interested in or currently working on a historical piece. This is a fun, interesting, and helpful episode for any writer.

You can find Laura at her website, on Pinterest, and on Facebook, and her books (print, ebook, and audiobook editions) are available wherever books are sold.


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