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Get Organized and Write More: An Interview with Maria Connor


Today's guest is Maria Connor of My Author Concierge, a company that provides services like author assistant, project management, and more so that authors have more time to write.

Maria shares with us 10 reasons why getting organized will help you, and 6 tips to get your author business more organized today. She also explains how to use her Self-Publishing Checklist Series of short books, and talks briefly about her book Do Less. Write More about how to find an author assistant.

At the end, when we talked about how to track your books sales, Maria made these suggestions: BookTrakr (multiple platforms) https://www.booktrakr.com/, Book Report (Amazon sales only) https://www.getbookreport.com/, and Tracker Box (multiple platforms) http://www.storyboxsoftware.com/tdownload.htm.

You can find out more about Maria, her books, and her work for authors at her website, http://www.myauthorconcierge.com/, on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MyAuthorConcierge, and on Twitter https://twitter.com/AuthorConcierge.


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