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Getting Back to Work


Many of us are wrapping up the summer, vacations, and watching or helping students go back to school. It's one of those natural times of year to see what else we want to accomplish in the last few months, and figure out the best way to accomplish our goals.

I teach a time management class most January's, and I help people do all they can to accomplish the tasks they set for themselves. But this past year or so, I've been very careful about not helping you to the point where you burn out, too.

One of the things that can help is planned time off. I marked last Sunday off my calendar specifically to have no plans. It was blissful!

So in addition to planning some time off, we also want to plan the most important things we want to get done before year's end. You can plan forward – how much time do you have each day or week, and how much can you get done in that time. Or plan backwards – what do you need to get done, and how many hours a day or week will be necessary to do so.

Planners can also be a big help. Check out Susan May Warren's My Brilliant Writing Planner for a discount on the 2019 version, and a discount when preordering the 2020 one. Susie May will be on the show again in a few weeks to tell you about all the new updates in next year's planner.


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