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Hitting the Wall and Bouncing Back: An Interview with Quinton Litchfield


Today's guest is Quinton Litchfield, pastor of C3 Church in Malmö, Sweden, and 2-time burnout survivor.

Quinton talks freely about how he hit the wall, and things we can do if we find ourselves approaching the same point. He reminds us that no one is going to thank us for working so hard that we burn out. Some periods of life require sacrifice of time and energy, but when that sacrifice becomes a lifestyle, we need to step back and take stock of our life and where it's headed.

He shares a great analogy for creativity that he heard – it's less like an elephant that you hang every idea on and more like a nest of sea turtle eggs that you watch to see which ones make it to the ocean. Quinton suggests dumping all of your ideas into a folder on your phone or your computer. Write it all down and get it out of your head because it's stressful to try to remember everything.

Remember, too, isolation only makes things worse, so make sure you talk about your feelings with your spouse, a friend, a family member, anyone who will listen, support you, and help you make healthy decisions.

We hope the show offers you tips to avoid hitting the wall in the first place, warning signs to look for, and encouragement that you can bounce back if it happens.


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