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Learning to Heal From Burnout, Part 1: An Interview with Amanda Hudson


Today's guest, Amanda Hudson, is a writer who has recently experienced burnout – not being tired of doing what she's doing, but burnout in the medical sense of the word.

If you've been listening to the show, you know that I've been struggling to understand burnout and heal from it myself. Amanda lives in Sweden where employers and the public health system support a deeper understanding of the root problems as well as providing a path for healing.

Amanda's advice comes from her own experience, and what doctors and therapists have told her. She explains the physical and emotional aspects, and shares what she is doing or has done that has helped. She also shares a profile of the kind of people most likely to be affected by burnout.

You can learn more about stress biology at SimplyPsychology.org.

Please listen to this episode to learn how to better help yourself or a friend. Share it on social media. There is no reason for us to feel alone or be without help. 🙂


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