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My Brilliant Writing Planner – An Interview with Susan May Warren


Our guest today has been a cheerful and encouraging presence on the show before – bestselling author Susan May Warren is back to tell us about My Brilliant Writing Planner.

When people started asking Susie May how she gets so much done, she explained her system for planning and organizing all the facets of her life from writing to mothering to personal time. Her base idea is called power blocking, and she explains how she's been using it for years.

Eventually, she created her own daily planner that included all the aspects of her writing career that she wanted to plan and track as well as aspects of her daily life that also needed to be done. In the new planner, there is also a section at the beginning explaining values-based planning, and a sacred rest assessment. Understanding what Susie May intended when she created the planner will help you use it in the best way for you personally. There is even a free online class explaining how she uses it that you have access to after your purchase.

Whether you like My Brilliant Writing Planner, have something else, or don't like planners at all, we share a lot of ideas for planning the year in our interview. We discuss sacred rest, values-based planning, being fully present whatever you are doing, and the power of gratitude – as well as the power of colorful encouraging stickers! 😀 We hope this episode inspires and encourages you!

If you're interested in My Brilliant Writing Planner, it is $10 off through the month of October 2019. Plus, if you order using the coupon code KITTY, Susie May will add a free sticky pad that is a daily to-do sheet that matches the planner. This free gift is available with the coupon code until the 2021 planner comes out!

You can learn more about Susie May's online classes at My Book Therapy.com. From there you can find the planner, the school – Novel Academy, and the blog. Find out more about Susie May and her books at her website.


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