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Passion and Positivity for Mental Health: An Interview with Ellie Rhodes

Today's guest is Ellie Rhodes, a product manager (and copywriter!) at Ubisoft Montreal, a video game developer. Ellie has tweeted her experiences in the area of anxiety, depression, and burnout, sharing tips with her followers about coping mechanisms and just helping others know they are not alone.

We talk about burnout and the video game industry, self-care tips and taking selfish time to renew your energy (might be a puzzle, might be watching cake decorating videos or farm animals on YouTube), and more things Ellie and I have found that help or hinder the healing process.

Ellie and I hope that this episode is encouraging to you – personally or so you can help a friend. 🙂  If you'd like to read the article that introduced me to Ellie in the first place, you can do so here. A list of all the Women of Ubisoft articles is here. (They're great!)

You can follow Ellie on Instagram and Twitter and other social media platforms as EllieJoyPanic. If you'd like to ask her a question on any of the topics we discussed, you can also email her at EllieJoyPanic AT Outlook DOT com.


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