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Rom-Coms and Christmas Stories: An Interview with Teri Wilson


Our guest today is award-winning author Teri Wilson, whose latest book, Christmas Charms, came out last month with Hallmark Publishing.

After sharing her story of how she started, Teri jumps into all things writing. We talk about how she came up with many of her ideas, the pros and cons of writing first person versus third person point-of-view, the importance of voice, the ways she celebrates her victories, and her love of writing about royals.

She also explains the meet-cute in romantic comedies, creating secondary characters, writing visually, and the fun of writing Christmas stories – even if you live in Texas where it rarely snows.

Learn more about Teri and her books at her website, https://teriwilson.net/, and on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If you love puppy pictures, follow her on Instagram!


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