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Should You Get Into Podcasting: An Interview with Mark Asquith


Today's guest is Mark Asquith, serial entrepreneur, podcast expert, and CEO and co-founder of podcast hosting, analytics, and monetization platform Captivate.fm.

As writers, we are always wondering what marketing we should be doing that we're not doing, and podcasting is one of the things we wonder about. Mark shares great tips and ideas on how to know if podcasting is for you, either as a guest or as the host of your own show.

Mark reminds us that while other people may seem to have the market cornered in our area of interest, our personalities are the one unique bit we can bring to a podcast. When you figure out the “why” behind your thoughts on podcasting, you can make a decision that works great for you.

Learn more about Mark and his thoughts on podcasting, as well as all kinds of how-to, by following him on Twitter (Mark.live/Twitter). Check out his website at https://www.markasquith.com/.


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