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The Athlete and Writer Inside: An Interview with Sue Reynolds


Today's guest is first-time author, Sue Reynolds. In her debut book, The Athlete Inside, Sue tells how at age 60 she lost 200 pounds and began her journey toward finishing sixth at the World Triathlon Championship.

She tells us how one day her “why” changed – that she stopped thinking about her weight in terms of others' expectations of her, but in terms of her changing expectations of herself. And that was the beginning of a new life.

We talk together about her insecurity in calling herself an athlete, and later a writer, and how that mirrors what many of us feel. She talks about learning to trust a coach, and how finding an accountability partner was not a sign of weakness or admitting you can't do it alone, but instead it was one of the most helpful parts of her journey.

Throughout this inspiring talk, Sue and I point out the many parallels of how finding an athlete inside is similar to finding there is a writer inside. She shares her best tips and biggest lessons, all of which are helpful to any kind of pursuit and any time in your life. I hope you find this interview as inspiring as I did!

Find out more about Sue and her book, The Athlete Inside, at her website https://suereynolds.net/ where you can also find all of her social media links.


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