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The First SPS Live Event: An Overview


This week I attended the first ever live event hosted by the Self Publishing Show podcast with Mark Dawson and James Blatch. It was awesome!!

First of all, there is nothing like being with your people, the folks who “get” you, who don't have a blank look on their face when you talk about your writing, or editing, or read-through rates, or ad ROI.

Second of all, the amount of positive energy running through the room, through the restaurants when we got together to eat, even as we walked together to the tube station in London to go home – I felt like I was high. 😀

The speakers were incredible and I wanted to share a little of what they talked about with you. I couldn't share a lot of details because it was a paid event and some of the speakers wanted the information to stay with those who attended or paid for the videos after, totally understandable. But I give you the highlights here and name a lot of people and companies you can Google to find out more about them!

I hope you enjoy the episode and feel inspired and encouraged by all the positive energy and publishing tips! 😀


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