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When Life Imitates Art: An Interview with DiAnn Mills


Today’s guest is the lovely DiAnn Mills, bestselling author of the brand new romantic suspense novel, Airborne. The story of that novel coming out now is one of several great ones DiAnn tells during the interview.

She starts with the story of how her husband challenged her to stop saying she was going to write a book some day and just do it. She quit her job, studied the how-to books and the bestsellers, and wrote her first book – which was sold and published the next year! So begins how one author started with the end in mind, the idea that this would be her business, and worked to make the dream a reality.

The story of how Airborne came to be is equally enthralling! The exact sort of people DiAnn needed to talk to in order to research the book kept coming out of the woodwork, giving her heaps of information of the exact kind she needed. Not only that, but at the time the book was ready to be released – something similar was happening around the world! In a scary time, this is a book that can give closure, justice, and hope to readers.

DiAnn explains how to seek out the information you need from all kinds of organizations from the FBI to the CDC to the Texas Marshals. She encourages writers to pick up the phone and go right to the source to get the best information. Yes, it can be nerve-wracking to make a cold call, but think about how this is going to make your book so much better. You never know what great relationships will grow from it.

In fact, DiAnn encourages listeners to write her and ask her questions. You can find all of her social media links on her website, and you can get some free chapters to read when you sign up for her newsletter. https://diannmills.com/


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