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When Your Life Depends On It: An Interview with Brad Borkan


Today’s guest is Brad Borkan, author of When Your Life Depends On It (co-written with David Hirzel, audiobook narrated by Dennis Kleinman). Brad's specialty area is decision sciences, how businesses and people make decisions.

We have a fascinating discussion about Antarctic explorers, the main characters in his nonfiction book, and how we can learn from their choices, both for our own modern life and for our fictional characters. These people made life and death decisions every day and rarely ever died. How did they manage that?

Brad tells us how he found his co-writer (even that was a risk), and explains how they spent a lot of time working on the outline before they started writing. After reading just a few paragraphs of the finished book, Brad decided they needed a professional audiobook narrator. Now all three men are not just a team, but lifelong friends.

You’ll love the exciting stories Brad shares in this episode! It’s interesting how the lessons learned from these explorers also applied to how Brad’s team formed and grew. He reminds us that teamwork is an important part of survival and growth in any area of our lives.

You can learn more about Brad and the book on his website (https://extreme-decisions.com/), on Amazon, and wherever books are sold.


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