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Writing the POV of the Opposite Sex: An Interview with Dr Debra Holland


Today's guest is Dr Debra Holland, award-winning romance author as well as psychotherapist and grief counselor.

Dr Debra taught an online class for our Romance Writers of America chapter once called “Understanding Men.” It was so helpful, I've never forgotten it — and I asked if we could talk about it on the show. With humor and insight, Dr Debra helps us understand both the biological and the emotional differences between men and women and why it leads us to think, act, and speak as we do.

This is a great episode for learning to write better, more believable scenes from the other's point of view. It's also a fabulous mini-course on better understanding the significant people in our personal lives.

You can find Debra's fiction on Amazon or on her writing website, https://debraholland.com/, and you can learn more about her counseling work at https://drdebraholland.com/.


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