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Writing for Video Games: An Interview with Alice Rendell


Alice Rendell is an acclaimed video game writer currently working as a Senior Narrative Designer. Today she explains how writing for video games works and shares some tips about how to get into this type of writing.

While most novelists work alone, writing for video games is super collaborative. You're in an office environment interacting with people in many other departments, partially to make sure your teammates are following your narrative in what they're creating as well.

It's a relatively young industry compared to film and television, but there are more and more schools teaching aspects of the video game industry to aspiring developers.

A lot of people who work in games are there because they're passionate about them, just like Alice. “I'm not afraid to say I'm a geek.” 😀

You can follow Alice on Twitter to learn more about her and her work. She also suggests Twine as a fun, free tool for creating your own mini game.


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