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Unexpected Superhero is Free Today

Super_ip09_FINALHello Friends!

I’m excited to let you know that Unexpected Superhero is free today! Woo-hooo! And not just today, but for the next five days! Yay! So go download it from Amazon, and let your friends know.

It’s a fun urban fantasy that I think of as “Mad About You becomes Mr & Mrs Smith.” It’s about a newlywed couple, Tori and Joe, who have really big secrets they’re keeping from each other. Super-sized secrets. 🙂 Tori has to figure out what she’s going to do about these newly discovered super powers, and Joe really needs to man up and tell his wife that he’s a superhero. In fact, flirting with his wife as his alter ego may not have been the best way to go.

I hope you enjoy the book! I’d love to hear what you think of it, so leave me a comment or write a review on Amazon. Hope I can entertain you and give you a little break from life for a while.

Happy Reading! 🙂

Another Book Signing and Free Books

Adventures in Vegas
Today I’m at the Romance Novel Convention in Las Vegas. It’s been an exciting adventure so far! But not necessarily all good. To start out, our poor little car died four miles from the hotel. FOUR MILES! See the picture on my Facebook Author Page.

By the time I realized that it didn’t just need to cool down, it needed professional help (no comments on that, please!), the local garages had all closed. I’ve been a AAA member since I got my driver’s license, and for the first time in 27 years, they couldn’t help me. I was shocked and starting to get a little panicky because I came to town alone.

But God, my awesome personal superhero, came to my rescue! A couple of friends helped me figure out a game plan and I got to my hotel with a change of clothes and my laptop, leaving the car and all my belongings where they were. The next morning, my brother called me out of the blue (anyone want to rent a Wyndham timeshare in Vegas for Labor Day weekend? He’s got one available that they can’t use) and suddenly my big brother was at my rescue again. I felt like I was 16! It was wonderful!

Several of my friends were praying hard for everything to turn out okay and it did! One sent money to take care of unexpected expenses. My brother told the auto repair facility that he wanted to pay for the car repairs. (I should get the fixed car back any moment! Woo-hoo!!) The AAA guys were super friendly and unloaded all my stuff into their courtesy shuttle and got me and all my boxes of books to my hotel.

And then when the convention started, I immediately met several people that I’m so glad I found! Another Christian woman who is also trying to entertain her readers while keeping her stories in her own world view; a sweet model with the nicest smile who I hope to work with on my next book cover; a really nice, smart woman who started up her own marketing firm for writers; and a woman who makes covers I adore! Plus I’m finally able to take time to get to know another friend a lot better. I’m so excited!

Saturday is the book signing, so if you’ll be in Vegas, stop by the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino on Fremont Street from 11am to 2pm. Then I’ll be at the Author/Reader Meet and Greet from 3 to 5.

Book Signing in Traverse City
I’m excited to announce that I’ve confirmed another book signing! This one will be Saturday, September 7th from 3 to 4pm at Horizon Books in Traverse City, Michigan. This signing will be particularly special because I grew up with my mom taking us to Horizon Books every time we went to town, whether we needed something or not. This is practically a childhood dream come true! (I’d never dared to dream as a child that I could grow up to be an author one day.)

Unexpected Superhero is Free
Remember – and tell all your friends – that Unexpected Superhero will be available for free for five days starting this Saturday, August 10! Woo-hooo!!!

It’s a Kindle exclusive now, so you need a Kindle or a Kindle app. (I found out the new Nook now has a Kindle app on it! And you can download one for your iPad or smart phone as well as your computer.) I hope to have the book loaded up on all the other ebook vendor sites (Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Sony, iTunes, Kobo, etc.) on Labor Day weekend. It may show up a few days (or weeks, for Apple) later, but keep an eye out for it.

Happy Reading! 🙂

Goodreads Giveaway Winners!

Hello Friends!

I’m happy to announce the winners of the Goodreads Giveaway that ran from mid-June to mid-July. All ten winners received an autographed print copy of Unexpected Superhero. (Books should have already arrived at your homes by now, my friends!)

Thank you to the other 662 people who entered the giveaway! I’m so pleased that you were interested in reading the book. Thank you for adding Unexpected Superhero to your To Be Read queue.

Super_ip09_FINALCongratulations to – 
Jessica from Brampton, Ontario
Trannae from San Dimas, California
Wendy from Abilene, Kansas
Emily from Yuba City, California
Winnie from Vancouver, British Columbia
Krystel from Sudbury, Ontario
Robyn from Stratford, Ontario
Kai from Los Angeles, California
Marie from Pomona, California
Julie from King George, Virginia

Happy Reading! 😀

Win a Free Copy of Unexpected Superhero!

Hi friends! 😀

I have been so crazy busy getting the print version of Unexpected Superhero ready for you that I totally forgot about my blog the last few days! I’m so sorry!

First cover for the novel Unexpected SuperheroTo make it up to you, I started a book giveaway on Goodreads yesterday and I’m giving away 10 copies of the print edition of the book! Woo-hooo!!

To make it even easier, I put a “Enter to Win” button right on the sidebar here. (Down a little and on the right.) Just click the button and (once you’re signed in to your Goodreads account) choose what address you’d like your free book to be sent to, if you win.

This is an official Goodreads Giveaway, so I have nothing to do with choosing the winners. I think their computers will randomly choose ten entries.

Oh! And if you have friends in Canada, point them to the giveaway! This time the winners can be in the United States or Canada.

I’ll do another giveaway later to international entrants only. Since it costs about $20 per book in postage to send to, say, Australia, I have to do a separate giveaway with a smaller number of books to win. I’d have heart palpitations if most of the ten winners this time were outside the U.S. and I spent $200 in postage! 😛

Okay, go click on the button and enter now! You can’t win if you don’t enter! 🙂

Win Free Books

Today is the day that my book Little Miss Lovesick is featured on Lex’s 30 Days of Christmas. Yay! This is very exciting for me because I’ve never had a book featured on someone else’s site. 🙂

My RWA friend Lex Valentine is hosting a whole month of giveaways for romance books of every kind. There are several books of various kinds of romance featured today. One lucky commenter will win a book from all of us!

Pop over to Lex’s 30 Days of Christmas today and leave a comment. You could be the winner of several ebooks! Lex will announce today’s winner at the top of tomorrow’s post.

If you’re interested in more opportunities to win free books, you can visit Lex’s site all month. There will be a large variety all month, but if you only want to visit on days that feature male/female romances, check out her site on the 11th, 13th, 14th, 19th, 23rd, 24th, 27th, 29th and 30th. The range of sensuality is also wide, from sweet like my book all the way up to erotica.

I’ll let you know as I start writing guest blogs at other web sites. I’m getting kind of excited about marketing for the first time. I’ve got some fun ideas for future blogs. (Hint: one is about chocolate.)

Happy Reading, today!

Win a Free Book!


Look at this fun event one of my fellow Romance Writers of America chapter mates is doing! She’s hosting a whole month of book giveaways and Little Miss Lovesick is on the list!

This next Sunday, December 9, my book and a couple of others will be listed on Lex’s 30 Days of Christmas. If you comment on that post (not this one) before midnight Pacific Time that day, you could win a copy of each of those books! Sweet!

Because romance is such a wide genre, Lex has grouped the authors/books so that you can check out her site on the days she is giving away the kind of books you like. For instance, the days that will feature books about male/female romances are Dec 6, 8, 9 (that’s me!), 11, 13, 14, 19, 23, 24, 27, 29, and 30. The other days will have a variety of other types of romances.

The heat level (amount of sex, etc. if you’re not a big romance reader) will vary. I know the authors on my day and their books are probably closer to the “sweeter” side like Little Miss Lovesick as opposed to say, erotica or erotic romance. (Again for non-romance readers, my book has “sensual” scenes but no sex scenes.)

So check out Lex’s 30 Days of Christmas – especially on the 9th! – and you might win some free books for your ereader!

Don’t have an ereader? You can order a print copy of my book here! And later this month, I will have a buy link here on my web site so that you can purchase autographed copies of Little Miss Lovesick for yourself or to give as gifts! Yay!