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Fun, Friends, and Writing Stuff

James Scott Bell at a booksigning

Jim and John being silly for the camera

My favorite days are often the second Saturday of the month. That’s when I go to the Orange County Chapter of Romance Writers of America, my chapter. After more than ten years there, I have a lot of friends to see and talk to. I’m always one of the last people to leave because I’m trying to say hello to everyone, and I never get to everybody.

This past Saturday, I also had a friend coming as one of the speakers, so double reason to be there. John came with me so he could listen to James Scott Bell talk about plotting and structure – always a great presentation. Then John and Jim and I got to hang out a little and catch up on life.

Jim always uses the best movie references when he’s teaching and I’ve got a long list of movies in the margins of my notebook. I need to see if Netflix has them. I’ve seen almost all of them, but some movies are worth seeing over and over. (Now I just have to find the time for that.)

Authors James Scott Bell and Nancy Farrier

Jim signs a book for author Nancy Farrier

If you’re a writer, you might want to check out Hiveword to see Jim’s been up to. He’s got a piece of writing software out that is completely in the cloud, no downloading necessary. Knockout Novel will help you plot and structure your fiction. It’s based on his bestselling book Plot & Structure. Check it out.

On the way home, we stopped by our friends-who-are-our family to drop something off and ended up staying for dinner. It was fun and relaxing with lots of laughs. Gotta love days like that.

How was your weekend? Do anything fun? Hang out with friends? Relax? Hope you had a nice couple days, and I really hope you have a great week!

Kitty’s First Book Signing

Kitty signing a book to author Nancy Farrier

Kitty signing a book to author Nancy Farrier

A week ago Saturday I participated in my first book signing! It was so much fun! The signing took place at my RWA meeting, the Orange County Chapter of the Romance Writers of America.

I got to sign my romantic comedy Little Miss Lovesick – my very first book. 🙂 And I was one of 16 authors signing our anthology, Romancing the Pages.

What a hoot with all sixteen of us lined up at tables with a line of our friends waiting to get sixteen autographs!


Kitty signing next to author Sharon Hampton

At the signing, I learned several interesting things:

  • You should figure out what you’re going to write besides your name before the signing.
  • It’s hard to talk and write at the same time.
  • It’s hard to appear friendly when you’re not talking to the person.
  • When you talk about one thing and write something else, you are eventually going to write what you just said. And then you have to fix it!
  • Makeup and pretty, comfortable clothes that make you feel good about yourself and then you’re even friendlier.
  • A nice V-cut blouse looks good…but I began to wonder if my cleavage was showing. My friends laughingly assured me it wasn’t. 😀
  • Chatting up all the wonderful people who asked for my autograph made for a long line.

I had a great time. I think everyone had a great time. And all I can think of is – I can’t wait to do it again! 😀