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Amazing Writers Conference!!

I had SUCH a wonderful time this past weekend at the California Dreamin’ Writers Conference put on by the Southern California chapters of Romance Writers of America! Everything about it was fantastic – hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones, teaching what I know and learning what others had to teach, pitching a new twist on an old idea to the editor and agent I was most interested in, gathering new information from companies I already have a great relationship with, meeting lots of new people at the book signing – and so much more!

Kitty at CA Dreamin Conf 2015 small

In fact, I was so busy that I not only came down with a cold when it was over (which always happens when I burn the candle at both ends at these conferences) but I also never once thought about taking pictures! Ack! How could I forget?

Because I was so busy having an amazing time!! Thank you to everyone who attended! I hope you all had as great a time as I did! Thanks to my friend Denise who snapped the picture of me at the book signing. 🙂

And for all those who know how much I love my birthday cheesecake, you won’t be surprised that it was the ONE thing I did take a picture of before everything started. LOL! Thanks to my friend Jess for the wonderful treat! I made it last all three days of the conference! 😀

Kitty birthday cheesecake from Jess SoCalRWA conf

Writer’s Retreat

I’m so excited! Not only am I finally beginning to get some sleep after some awful jet lag for the past week, but today I go to my favorite writer’s retreat for the weekend!! Woo-hoo!!!

A bunch of people who attended Lauraine Snelling‘s Fiction Intensive at her house in the mountains north of Los Angeles now get together every year for Reunion Weekend. I won’t get to see everyone this year due to health, finances, and other commitments, but I’ll still get to see a lot of people.

I’m so excited! It’s been a week since school ended and I’m now feeling awake enough to want to hurry and get back into my stories. Of course, one of the biggest challenges of the weekend will be deciding which of the two stories that I was working on during the last year and a half of school is the one I’ll work on and finish first.

But I’m going to be totally late if I don’t hurry up and pack! Woo-hooooo!!

Looking Forward to My Trip

I can’t believe it’s almost that time, but next week I am DONE with school! And I leave for my trip back to the U.S. the morning after my last class. Sheesh! Talk about cutting it close.

I’m so excited to see all my friends and lots of family. But I’m also enormously excited about the reason I’m going – the big writer’s conference in New York! Of course, the reason I’m going to be gone three weeks instead of one is that I’m blessed to be able to attend two other writers events as well. (Thank you, God!)

The day after I arrive in LA, I get to go see all my friends at the Orange County Chapter of Romance Writers of America. Yay! Should be a good meeting with a great speaker, as well as a great time to see friends I’ve been in touch with only via email for the last two years.

Then the next weekend is a four-day writer’s retreat at my friend Lauraine’s house. We get together every year, usually about a dozen total out of a group of 30 or so, depending on who’s available. This year I asked if there was any chance we could change the time to coincide with my trip – and everyone agreed! I feel so loved.  <grin>  I absolutely can’t wait to get there!

Then after seeing family for a few days, and having a bit of a party with my old Bible study group, I fly to New York! I’ve never been there and I’m sooo excited! As a special birthday gift to both of us, our husbands arranged it so my sister Bonnie can join me for the first weekend there. Double Yay!! Then the big Romance Writers of America National Conference in the Marriott at Times Square. That is so cool! My brain is going to be about ready to explode by the time this trip is over. LOL! But I think I can handle it.

I’ll keep you updated with everything I learn and all that happens!