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My Books Are Free Thru Saturday – YAY!

Little Miss Lovesick_NEWSIZE_FINALHi friends! I’ve been so busy writingΒ Superhero in the Making that I haven’t been able to keep up with my email. Turns out, Smashwords is having a big promotion – Read an Ebook Week. The very cool thing is that I could put one or more of my books on sale at 25%, 50%, or 75% off, or I could make them FREE!

Guess what I chose? πŸ˜€ Β I just made them free tonight! When you hit the BUY button, use the coupon code RW100 to get a 100% discount.

Super_ip09_FINALIf you or your friends haven’t read Little Miss Lovesick or Unexpected Superhero yet, now is the time to pick them up. You can download any file type you need – the MOBI file for Kindles, the EPUB forΒ NOOKs and nearly every other reader, and even a PDF if that’s your preference. (You could even get one of each.)

Since Unexpected Superhero is book 1 in the Adventures of Lewis and Clarke series, and Superhero in the Making (book 2) comes out next month, you may find the second book more fun to read if you’ve read the first. πŸ™‚

Superhero in Disguise by Kitty Bucholtz, in the Adventures of Lewis and Clarke seriesAnd “Superhero in Disguise” is the short story prequel to book one. It’s free all the time (’cause I like you). You can click on the book cover on the sidebar to the right to download it from Amazon, or you can download it here from Smashwords in any format you want.

Please tell your friends. The Smashwords sale ends Saturday at midnight!

New Little Miss Lovesick Cover

Little Miss Lovesick_NEWSIZE_FINALHi guys! Guess what? I have a new cover for Little Miss Lovesick! Yay!

I’ve had a lot of comments since the book came out that people thought it was a Young Adult book, not a regular adult romance. I hated to change the cover at first because I heard that the girl in the original picture was pretty excited to be on a book cover. πŸ™‚ But if women aren’t buying the book because they think it’s for teens, then that’s a marketing problem I have to solve.

After looking around a lot for a photo that looked like what the book is about, I found this one. I love it! I thought John did a great job putting it together. πŸ™‚ (Thanks, John!)

I was listening to Liliana Hart talk at a conference this summer and she said readers love series right now. A lot. On her advice, I’ve decided to make Little Miss Lovesick book one of its own series. Of course, that meant I needed a series title. After brainstorming with John, we came up with Traverse City in Love.

Yeah, sure, it’s a little cheesy πŸ˜‰ but I fell in love in Traverse City. I know a lot of people who fell in love in Traverse City. And I’m still a little bit in love with Traverse City! Haha!

So more stories in the series will be forthcoming…at some point. πŸ™‚ Boy, have I got a lot of book ideas to get written! I’ll keep you updated. Meanwhile, ebooks are rolling out with the new cover as the distribution channels receive it.

Pumpkin pieThe new cover on the print book will hopefully be ready in the next week or so. I want to run some Christmas specials for you on the paperback versions of my books so you have the opportunity to use them as Christmas gifts if you like. πŸ™‚

If I don’t talk to you before then, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! πŸ˜€

Kindle MatchBook – Buy the Print Book, Get the Kindle Book Half Off

Hello my friends!

Sorry I’ve not been blogging much. It was a whirlwind five weeks away from home promoting the release of Unexpected Superhero! Lots to tell you, but I’ll have to catch you up slowly because I’m working on getting the short story, “Superhero in Disguise,” out to you this month! More on that later, too.

MatchBook_logoPreLaunchImage2Today I want to tell you about a new program at Amazon that I’ve enrolled my books in. It’s called Kindle MatchBook, and it launches in October. (Does that mean today? See more details here.) Apparently, if you buy a print copy of my books (and lots of other books!) from the Amazon.com web site, you can buy the Kindle edition for at least 50% off.

This is what it says on the Amazon page:

For thousands of qualifying books, your past, present, and future print-edition purchases will soon allow you to buy the Kindle edition forΒ $2.99, $1.99, $0.99, or free.

That means that Little Miss Lovesick would be 99 cents and Unexpected Superhero would be $1.99 as ebooks. It has to be at least half off, but I can only choose prices with 99 on the end. Since Lovesick is normally $2.99, and half is $1.50, I had to go to the next lower 99 point. A better deal for you!

I had to ask you guys on my Facebook Author page if this even sounded like something you cared about. Maybe it would be a waste of time. But Rachel said she wouldn’t mind having a print and ebook copy of the same book. And I was thinking that I’d buy a print copy of a book to give someone as a Christmas gift and keep the ebook for myself. So after discussing it with you guys, I enrolled both books.

I looked on the book pages on Amazon to see if there is a notice that says, this book is enrolled in the Kindle MatchBook program, but I don’t see anything yet. I guess we’ll figure it out together. πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, I’m working on my short story. It’s about when Tori and Joe (from Unexpected Superhero) meet in costume on Halloween. It’s a fun story, perfect for this time of year. I’d wanted to have it available for you today, but I’m having some personal life crises (yes, more than one) that I have to deal with as well. Don’t you just hate it when life gets in the way of your plans?! LOL!

I hope you’re all having a lovely week! I’ll start catching you up on my whirlwind book tour soon!

Last Day for Free Book

Hi friends!

I’m so excited to see how well Unexpected Superhero is doing! It’s been a fun few days watching stats and finding out what new people think of the book. I hope you’re enjoying my giggly enthusiasm on Facebook. πŸ™‚

Today is the last day that the book is free, so if you haven’t picked it up, hurry and get it! In a few hours, it will be back to its regular price of $3.99. Tell your friends, too! Unexpected Superhero is Mad About You becomes Mr and Mrs Smith.

Coming Labor Day Weekend in All Formats
For those of you who own something other than a Kindle, Unexpected Superhero will be released in ebook format on Friday, August 30 to Nook, Kobo, Sony, iTunes, Smashwords, and more! It may take a few days to upload to some of those sites, but I hope to be able to get the uploads to take effect on that Friday. Yay!

New Short Story Coming
I just purchased the cover image for my short story, “Superhero in Disguise.” That will be out for your reading pleasure on Tuesday, October 1. Yay! It’s the slightly updated story that appears in the Romancing the Pages anthology. It’s the romantic first meeting of Tori and Joe on Halloween night. Fun stuff!

Book Signing Events
Starting this Saturday, I will be doing several book signings in Michigan. The first one is at the ROCK for CHUM event in Mason, Michigan. It’s at The ROC, 1706 W Dansville Road. Most things start around noon, and there will be several live Christian bands playing beginning at 2pm. I’ll be at a table somewhere selling and signing books, with a portion of the proceeds going to support CHUM. Admission is FREE with donations appreciated.

Similarly, on Labor Day, Monday, September 2, the RUN for CHUM will be raising funds in the form of foot races – a kids run, a 5K race, and a half marathon. I’m not ready, but I’m running the half marathon! Apparently, there will be a place for me to sign books after the race as well…if you can wait that long. I’m usually one of the last to cross the finish line. πŸ™‚

And I’m very excited to announce I’ll be doing a book signing at Horizon Books in Traverse City! This is the bookstore I remember my mom taking us kids to whenever we went into “town.” Didn’t matter if we needed anything, we were going to stop at Horizon Books. LOL! Can you guess where I got my love of books?

I’ll be at Horizon Books on Front Street on Saturday, September 7, from 3pm to 4pm. I’ll take a few minutes to entertain you with why I chose to set my books in Traverse City and the surrounding area, and then I’ll sign copies of Little Miss Lovesick and Unexpected Superhero.

I hope to see some of you at some of these events! πŸ™‚

August Book Signings and Events

calendarAugust is going to be a very busy – and very exciting! – time for me. On Tuesday, I’m off to the Romance Novel Convention in Las Vegas. It will be held at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino on Fremont Street, August 7-11, 2013. If you love romance novels, check out what the convention has to offer.

I’ll be participating in the Author/Reader Meet & Greet from 3-5pm on Saturday. Share some M&Ms with me and chat about my books and what’s next.


You might want to come to the whole thing, or just stop by the Book Fair on Sunday to buy autographed books by your favorite authors – like me! πŸ™‚ Here is a list of all the authors participating.

Then on August 17, I’ll be at the ROCK for CHUM event in Mason, Michigan (near Lansing). It’s a fundraiser for my sister’s facility, CHUM Therapeutic Riding. Check out the Facebook page for more information. I’m not sure the setup since I haven’t been there before, but I’ll be at a booth or table somewhere signing books for part of the day. πŸ™‚

The RUN for CHUM is on Labor Day this year, Monday, September 2. I can’t believe my madness, but I’m going to the run the 13.1 mile half marathon (!) and then get cleaned up to sign books at a book table there. Am I crazy or what?! Hahaha! So please stop by and see if I’m still breathing. πŸ˜›

Super_ip09_FINALI haven’t booked anything else yet, but I’m hoping to make a few stops at bookstores and/or libraries in southern Michigan, and in Traverse City, MI, where Little Miss Lovesick is set. (Unexpected Superhero is sort of set there, too, but I renamed it Double Bay so I could change things around to work better for my story.)

I’ll keep you updated as to new events I’ll be at, so check back or subscribe to the blog and/or my newsletter (both on the right sidebar). Stay tuned to find out when you can get Unexpected Superhero as a free Kindle download!

Talk to you all more soon!

Marriage Madness: Working Together

j0316965When I started my self-publishing adventure, I had three choices – use up valuable writing time learning how to create books and covers in desktop publishing software, hire someone else to do it for me, or ask John.

John’s a great guy. He does all kinds of things for me and for us. (Not the least of which – can I say it again? – is to cook for us almost every day!) He used to be a professional graphic designer, and he created some really great graphics for me for prior businesses I’ve had. So I knew he could do it, and he’d be good at it. But would he want to?

I’ve always been especially wary of anything that remotely hinted at a joint business venture between us. Both of us can be quite opinionated and equally passive-aggressive, usually when we’re trying to “be nice.” πŸ˜‰

Would John say yes because I asked, but then later regret it? Would he be able to explain to me what I needed to decide in order for him to produce the kinds of graphics I would like? Would I understand what he needed without having to ask hundreds of questions and make him want to pound his head bloody against a wall?

Little Miss Lovesick 150x240He’s been wonderful, and he’s produced some fabulous book covers and other graphics for me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate his time and effort, especially since he has a full-time job that often requires him to work overtime. That means he’s making book covers for me during an even smaller period of free time.

That being said, I did overhear him saying to someone recently that it’s hard to have me hanging over his shoulder while he’s working. I had an image of a boa constrictor wrapped around his neck – and I wouldn’t be surprised if I was reading his mind!

On the other hand, we’ve gotten better at working at home together, separately. I go to my space and he goes to his. Sometimes we call out to each other from the other room, or kiss each other on the way to the kitchen or the bathroom.

We’ve finally gotten grown-up enough to leave the TV off for more than a minute and work when we need to instead of always running off to play. (We used to never be able to spend time together working. If we were together, we were playing. Like a couple of ten-year-olds!)

First cover for the novel Unexpected SuperheroSometimes we kick around story ideas that we say we might write together. Maybe we will. And maybe all the blood and gore will stay on the page and not come out in real life. But we have such a great relationship that I hate for anything to ruin it, or even just mess it up for awhile.

That uncomfortable feeling is what has led to many a conversation about whether I should find another graphic designer. But the book covers he’s done for Little Miss Lovesick and Unexpected Superhero are so good that I’m guessing I’ll have to pay a pretty penny to hire someone I like as well or better.

On the other hand, I can guarantee that I won’t find another husband I like as well or better! πŸ˜‰

Will we continue to work together? Only for as long as we can both be mostly happy with it. It’s worth the money to pay someone else to do what would lead to arguments at home.

Come to think of it, what an excellent excuse to hire a housekeeping service…

Fun Pictures From the SoCal RWA Conference

Whew! What an exhausting and wonderful weekend! There were so many great things I enjoyed about the SoCal RWA Conference. First, of course, is spending time with a bunch of other romance writers talking shop and sharing ideas. That always feels like a good use of time. πŸ™‚

The surprising thing for me was that for the first time, I batted 1000 when it came to workshops. There was at least one thing in every workshop that I needed to take home and use right away. I almost wasn’t able to say that because one workshop was definitely for newbies but it didn’t say that in the description. I was bored but kept my friendly interested face in place out of respect for the speaker. Then the very last sentence this speaker uttered, I thought, oh my gosh, I completely needed that! The last sentence – LOL!!

Of course, the most exciting part for me was Sunday, my first public book signing! Woo-hooo! It was good that it was small-ish so I could see if I’d prepared properly. Some things were awesome – like my Square Reader on my iPhone for taking credit cards. Quick, easy, and the money was in my bank account the next day. Wow!

Other things I figured I’ll have to make a change. I had the two anthologies on the table to show more books you could purchase with my stories in them, but I didn’t have copies for sale. Plus I had a pile of four-color flyers showing covers for the three books available, the book cover for Unexpected Superhero that’s coming out next month, and a coupon for buying an ebook of Little Miss Lovesick at a reduced conference price. But all of those things altogether took up a lot of table space.

For the next conference, I’m taking an idea from Barbara Vey with Publisher’s Weekly who mentioned that Dianna Love created Keeper Kase Cards. She made 4×6 postcards with the book cover on one side, and on the other side a short blurb with a big blank space. Then people who buy digital books can get her autograph on the postcard and keep all their postcards in a kind of autograph book.

Even though this conference was trying to “go green” by having the least amount of paper products, readers were asking for a bookmark or postcard. So I’ll create postcards for each book. That will save space on the table, and I can offer them to my readers who buy ebooks. I’ll let you know when I have them ready. πŸ™‚

Here’s a look at the conference through pictures. Enjoy!

I stalked author Christie Craig, who is also YA author C.C. Hunter, throughout the conference. Thank goodness she didn't mind!

I stalked author Christie Craig, who is also YA author C.C. Hunter, throughout the conference. Thank goodness she didn’t mind!

I bought a shirt to show off Little Miss Lovesick. On the front it says, Listen to Your Voices.

I bought a shirt to show off Little Miss Lovesick. On the front it says, Listen to Your Voices!

And on the back is the book cover. Fun!

And on the back is the book cover. Fun!

Barbara Vey from Publisher's Weekly and me. She is nice, nice, nice!

Barbara Vey from Publisher’s Weekly and me. She is nice, nice, nice!

Me and my friend, author Elise Scott, who is also in the Romancing the Pages anthology with me.

Me and my friend, author Elise Scott, who is also in the Romancing the Pages anthology with me.

Elise always makes me laugh!

Elise always makes me laugh!

My friend and fellow author Jenny Hansen and me.

My friend and fellow author Jenny Hansen and me.

Signing a book for my friend Lori. Way fun spending the weekend laughing with her.

Signing a book for my friend and writer Lori Brubaker. Way fun spending the weekend laughing with her.

How cool is this?! I'm signing a reader's Kindle cover!

How cool is this?! A reader asked me to sign her Kindle cover – in permanent marker! Sweet!

Me and my book table.

Me and my book table.

Making friends with a new reader! Fun!

Making friends with a new reader! Fun!

Trying to keep my handwriting pretty while not making people wait.

Trying to keep my handwriting pretty while not making people wait. Not sure I always succeed.

The ballroom full of more authors and readers.

The ballroom full of more authors and readers.

Outside the ballroom, more tables of authors. This is where I was.

Outside the ballroom, more tables of authors.

Sydney in Little Miss Lovesick LOVES Godiva truffles, so I gave a box away. Mary B is the winner!

Sydney in Little Miss Lovesick LOVES Godiva truffles, so I gave a box away. Mary B is the winner!

I love talking to people who love books!

I love talking to people who love books!

Almost over.

Almost over.

I promised I'd upload at least one embarrassing photo. I can't believe this is my "I'm completely interested in what you're saying" face. Maybe I should practice a new expression. LOL!

I promised I’d upload at least one embarrassing photo. I can’t believe this is my “I’m completely interested in what you’re saying” face. Maybe I should practice a new expression. LOL!

Thank you to the conference committee for putting on such an excellent conference! Thank you so much to all the readers who came to the book signing! And a special thank you to John for taking pictures all day. You all rock! πŸ˜‰

First Public Book Signing – Woo-hoo!

Sorry I didn’t get this posted earlier but I have been running around like a mad woman getting ready for the SoCal RWA Conference this weekend. My very first book signing was at my Romance Writers of America meeting earlier this year, and that was awesome. It was not at all scary because it was all my friends.

SoCal RWA Conference

But on Sunday I’ll be participating in my first public book signing. A couple dozen romance writers will be selling and signing books (sorry, Barnes & Noble said you can’t bring in books you already own to have them signed) all together in a big conference room at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Santa Ana, California. Click here for details on who, when and where.

If any of you are in the area, I’d love to see a friendly and familiar face! If you won’t be around but you know someone who lives in the area, I’d love for you to pass the word. πŸ™‚

I won’t be home in time to post pictures for next Monday’s blog, so I’ll wait until Tuesday to post. That way I can tell you all about it and show you the pictures! I can’t decide if I’m more nervous (I’m scratching my arm like crazy!) or more excited (I can’t wait for people to see my Little Miss Lovesick t-shirt and the mockup for the Unexpected Superhero book cover!) but one way or the other, this train has left the station!


Kitty’s First Book Signing

Kitty signing a book to author Nancy Farrier

Kitty signing a book to author Nancy Farrier

A week ago Saturday I participated in my first book signing! It was so much fun! The signing took place at my RWA meeting, the Orange County Chapter of the Romance Writers of America.

I got to sign my romantic comedy Little Miss Lovesick – my very first book. πŸ™‚ And I was one of 16 authors signing our anthology, Romancing the Pages.

What a hoot with all sixteen of us lined up at tables with a line of our friends waiting to get sixteen autographs!


Kitty signing next to author Sharon Hampton

At the signing, I learned several interesting things:

  • You should figure out what you’re going to write besides your name before the signing.
  • It’s hard to talk and write at the same time.
  • It’s hard to appear friendly when you’re not talking to the person.
  • When you talk about one thing and write something else, you are eventually going to write what you just said. And then you have to fix it!
  • Makeup and pretty, comfortable clothes that make you feel good about yourself and then you’re even friendlier.
  • A nice V-cut blouse looks good…but I began to wonder if my cleavage was showing. My friends laughingly assured me it wasn’t. πŸ˜€
  • Chatting up all the wonderful people who asked for my autograph made for a long line.

I had a great time. I think everyone had a great time. And all I can think of is – I can’t wait to do it again! πŸ˜€

Three Books? How’d That Happen?

There were a lot of things about 2012 that made it one of the worst years of my life, but there were a few simply amazing things that happened, too.

Kitty and LML proof1. After more than a year, things worked out so that I could finally work on gettingΒ Little Miss Lovesick into print. (I published it as an ebook in September 2011, just before we moved away from Sydney.) On the day after Thanksgiving, I was the happiest I’d been all year – I held a paperback copy of my first book in my hands for the first time!

Romancing the Pages 22. Early in the year, my Romance Writers of America chapter decided to publish an anthology of short stories as a fundraiser. I’d already been thinking about using the original-now-cut first chapters of my superhero book as a short story, so I thought I’d help with the fundraiser. In August, Romancing the Pages came out in ebook format. “Hero In Disguise” is my first published short story – yay! And this month, the print version is out, too.

Moonlit Encounters3. When John and I lived in Sydney, my RWA group there also talked about putting together an anthology. After a bazillion hours of hard work, we did it! Just before Christmas, Moonlit Encounters, a collection of eight romantic novellas, went up for sale. My story, “Rescue at Loon Lake,” is set in the same little Michigan town where my new series is set, The Strays of Loon Lake. Our ebook version has been on sale for 99 cents through yesterday, but you might still find it at that price today. And our paperback is now available for purchase, too.

I can hardly believe I can hold three different books in my hand that all have my stories in them! As soon as I get a print copy of Romancing the Pages, I’ll put up a picture of me holding all three books. πŸ™‚

Another first for me is coming up this Saturday – my first book signing! Yay! I’m going to try to get John to come with me to the RWA meeting and take pictures. I’ll post those as soon as I can.

My book page here on the web site is broken as of today (has been for about a week) and I’m still working on fixing it. When it’s fixed, you’ll be able to order autographed copies of all three books from me.

Wow, I feel like a real live writer today! πŸ˜€

P.S. If you’re interested in a class on goal setting and time management, check out my class that starts a week from today.