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Netflix Picks: Copper

CopperI don’t know how we found Copper on Netflix. Maybe John had heard about it and went looking for it, or maybe it popped up after something else we watched with one of those “You might like…” messages.

In any case, we watched the entire series (season 1, hopefully more are coming!) in just a couple of days. We couldn’t stop watching it!

The first thing that struck me is that it’s a BBC show (and I’ll try almost anything the BBC does), but it’s set in 1860s New York City. It’s about “a rugged young Irish cop” in a poor area of the city, trying to keep the peace between all manner of people.

He’s recently back from the war, so starting with the first episode you learn that he’s looking for his missing wife and daughter. There’s lots of great tension between characters and interesting conflicts because one of his closest war friends is a rich white man and the other is a black doctor.

Like most great TV shows that I like, the supporting cast is as interesting as the main characters. There was never a time in any episode when I was not paying full attention to what was happening. (That says a lot because I’m usually trying to multi-task when I watch TV.)

If any of the above even vaguely touches on something you’re interested in, I urge you to give this show a try! It’s good!

4 stars, Really Liked It (per the Netflix ratings system)

Netflix Picks: Longmire

Note: Nope, you still don’t have your days wrong, and neither do I. I moved this regular Friday column up a day because I hope to have a very special and exciting announcement tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜‰

LongmireOver Memorial Day weekend, John and I found Longmire on Netflix. We just saw another trailer for the A&E show at the movies the week before so maybe we noticed it because it was on our minds. Or maybe Netflix recently added it.

In any case, we had three whole days of nuthin’ but Netflix so we decided to watch the first episode and see if we liked it. By the next day, we had finished the entire first season! It was really good!

First off, Katie Sackoff is in it. If you liked the “new” Battlestar Galactica, you probably like Katie. And you’ll like her in this show, too.

I wasn’t sure if I recognized the sheriff, played by Robert Taylor. But when I looked him up, I saw that he’s an Aussie and in a lot of Aussie TV shows so I probably did recognize him a little. (He was in an episode ofย COPS LAC, an awesome Aussie show! I really need to buy that on DVD sometime. He was also in The Matrix.)

Anyway, it’s a modern day Western set in Wyoming. There are several more actors I recognized, including Lou Diamond Phillips. I don’t always like Lou Diamond Phillips in the parts he chooses, but he is perfect and awesome in this show! He plays the sheriff’s best friend and they are so freakin’ believable in those parts that you forget you’re watching a TV show.

If you have Netflix, at least watch the first episode. Maybe it’s not your kind of show. But you may find yourself watching the entire first season in just a few sittings like we did! The second season either started on Memorial Day (I thought that’s what the trailer said) or this next Monday (according to the poster above) on A&E, if you have cable.

5 stars, Loved It

Netflix Picks: Lincoln Lawyer

Lincoln LawyerI put The Lincoln Lawyer in our Netflix queue quite a while ago and finally had time to watch it recently. I like Matthew McConaughey and Marisa Tomei in lots of things, and the idea of the movie seemed interesting – for a lawyer to have a car for an office.

There was nothing wrong with it – good characters played by good actors with a story that went smoothly from beginning to end.ย It’s not so much that I didn’t like the movie as that I don’t love movies with anti-heroes.

Perhaps someone would argue with me that he isn’t an anti-hero, that’s he’s much the same as lots of TV lawyers – supposedly real people with flaws and strengths. Well, those aren’t the kind of people I want to spend my free time following. (See my thoughts on Damages.)

This lawyer just isn’t the kind of guy I cheer for, so I just barely gave it 3 stars.

3 stars, Liked It (per the Netflix ratings system)

Netflix Picks: Dr Seuss’ The Lorax

The Lorax

Why did we watch this movie? It’s Dr Seuss! Nothing more needs to be said! ๐Ÿ˜€

I loved how colorful the movie was, and I loved the two main teen characters. They were sweet and fun and made me smile.

The story wasn’t deep and moving, but that’s okay. If the book weren’t so old, I’d be thinking that it was a “message movie” about how we should protect the earth…which it is. I don’t like movies that make the “protect the earth” message bigger than the story.

But that’s just me.

If you like animated movies with lots of color and fun characters, give this one a try. It’s silly and fun and worth a couple hours.

3 stars, Liked It (per the Netflix ratings system)

Netflix Picks: Lost Girl

Lost Girl

We recently finished season two, and we liked the second year almost as much as the first! You have to start with episode one of season one to really understand the storyline, but it’s weird fun.

The main character is a succubus but she doesn’t know it. She makes friends with a pretty strange human (who ends up to be our favorite character half the time) and suddenly they meet a whole bunch of people neither of them knew existed – all part of the Fae community.

The show is Canadian and I think there’s something about that that gives it a slightly different flavor. If you like paranormal shows like Supernatural or Being Human, I think you’ll like Lost Girl.

4 stars, Really Liked It (per the Netflix ratings system)

Netflix Picks: One for the Money

One for the MoneyI admit, I saw this in the theater. I’d been waiting for months for it to come out, especially when I heard that Katherine Heigl would be in it!

Even though I’ve only read the first few books in the series (by author Janet Evanovich), I still love the characters. Both the main heroine and the two competing heroes are fun and funny and make me laugh.

Like with so many adaptations, I was a lot more excited about the movie before I saw it than afterward. I really liked all the actors, I really liked the story line (which I already knew from reading the book), but I think sometimes I just get too excited and the movie can’t live up to my anticipation.

That being said, I still watched it again when I saw it on Netflix. There were still lots of things I liked about it, and it’s an easy, fun movie to watch when you’re paying bills or doing something that you want something fun in the background. And hey, maybe if you’ve never read the book and gotten as freakin’ excited as I did, you’ll like it even more!

3 stars, Liked It (per the Netflix ratings system)


Netflix Picks: Drop Dead Diva

Drop Dead Diva

This is one of my favorite lunch-time shows. I can’t remember how I found it on Netflix, but once I saw the first episode I remembered that I’d seen an episode or two when it was on TV. It’s a fun show!

A gorgeous model in love with her gorgeous lawyer fiance gets in a car accident and dies. Then she gets transferred into another body – a young lawyer who is brilliant, but not thin and gorgeous.

Interestingly, the show doesn’t take the obvious direction of a whiney or bitchy protagonist. In every episode, I like her more, this character who is half model, half lawyer. And I like her friends, too.

The whole show is fun and easy to watch. It makes me smile, and that’s quite often more than enough for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

4 stars, Really Liked It (per the Netflix rating system)

Netflix Picks: National Geographic

Great White OdesseySometimes I wander through Netflix looking for something interesting to watch during my lunch hour. Now, I think National Geographic stuff is pretty darn cool and interesting, but it isย graphic. I had to look away a few times when I was eating.

If I understood correctly while watching the shark show, some guy out there actually named this shark Nicole after Nicole Kidman who, he says, loves sharks. Well, if you love sharks and you think that’s a nice compliment to an actress you like…um, great. I sure hope no one names a shark after me! Not the cute and cuddly image I’d be looking for.

Ultimate Cat

That being said, watching the big cats show was also not for the faint of heart. They have some crazy teeth and claws, and part of the discussion was on how they kill people as well as antelope. Eek!

It was pretty interesting to see some of the structural similarities in lions and tigers. And even though I kind of piled all the big cats into one category in my head, it was weirdly cool to see how they all hunt differently.

If you like National Geographic titles, you’ll probably like these two. I did.

4 stars, Really Liked It (per the Netflix rating system)

Netflix Picks: Insidious

InsidiousJohn and I were in the mood for a creepier movie one night so we tried Insidious. I think John had heard something about it. It was definitely weird, but the good kind of weird.

This couple’s child falls into an unexplained coma and weird things start happening in their house. A strange woman tells the couple that the child is lost or trapped and only the husband can go bring him home.

I like the actors – Patrick Wilson from The Gifted Man and Rose Byrne from Damages play the child’s parents. The other characters are the right amount of strange and interesting to make it all work.

If you like creepy movies that have elements of evil and ghosts in them, you’ll probably like Insidious.

3 stars, Liked It (per the Netflix rating system)

Netflix Picks: TiMER

TiMERI wasn’t sure what I’d think about the movie TiMER. The description intrigued me enough to put it in the queue and watch it.

If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?

In kind of a future now, someone has developed a timer that can figure out when you’re going to meet Mr. Right or Ms. Right so that you don’t have to worry about making a mistake and marrying the wrong person. The timer (branded “TiMER” by the manufacturer) has been around long enough by the start of the movie that adolescents automatically get one.

The main character has to decide what is going to be best for her – to know or not to know. You can imagine the trials and troubles that could arise in such a situation. The movie is kind of a dramedy, part drama, part comedy. I thought it was kind of weird at first, but in the end I decided I really liked TiMER. I liked how different people came to choose what they would do about finding true love.

4 stars, Really Liked It (per the Netflix rating system)